Waffle Press

a new community cafe at Rabbits Road Press 




Make It Work

Art and politics activation day with Keep It Complex with workshops on ethical arts funding, EU elections, difficult conversations and organising against the hostile environment.

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9/1 and 21/1/2019

Make your own Busynessplan

Free alternative businessplan workshops at STEAMhouse! Birmingham

Book by emailing Ruth 


1/12 and 2/12/2018

2019 will be our year

Planning weekend with Independents United 

Sold out


September - December 2018

The Big Family Press

I'm running a post office with a group of children in after-school care at Oliver Goldsmith Primary School. Write to us and we'll write back: 65-67 Peckham Road, London SE5 8UH




Hanging Low

workshop about bras and the art world at Liverpool Free School with Leonie Cronin

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Teaching for people who prefer not to teach

Workshop with Spike Island Associates and Sophie Chapman, using Teresa Cisnero's Document 0 to put on a puppet show. If you're a spike associate, email bo.lanyon(at)spikeisland.org.uk to sign up



London Art Economics

Come to the launch of this new publication on London Art Economies at Company Drinks or buy the book here for £5. 



Making art that doesn’t look like art

Inviting all mince and sausage artists: Come to a picnic on Burgess Park. Meet 12pm at St James Supermarket, 148A St James’s Rd, London SE1 5BW 


22/04 - 30/8/2018


residency at Marabouparken konstall

as ANDpublishing




Simpsons Symposium

convened by They Are Here

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Kulturelle Bildung und Soziale Ungleichheit


Universität Stuttgart




Bonus Hour

with Kerri Jefferis and Sophie Chapman

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Rabbits Road Press Open Day

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Control Audit

at Tate Liverpool




26/04 – 28/04/2018

How do artists survive

conference at ZHDK Zurich with San Keller



24/4, 16/5 or 31/5/2018

Consultation Club

Comment on the Draft Cultural Strategy for London

with Ross Jardine and Chloe Cooper

7-9pm at AND publishing studio

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Independents United

with Sofia Niazi, Sahra Hersi and Sadie St.Hilaire

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8 March 2018



31/01 - 7/03/2018

Maths for artists

Six workshops for RCA students

Every Wednesday

Email me if you'd like to join


03/02 - 07/05/2018

Journeys with the wasteland

at Turner Contemporary, Margate

Have your tarot cards read by members of the Waste Land Research group, every Saturday 2-4pm




Organise With Others




Public Art Thinking

Symposium organised by Eastside Projects, the Big Art Project,  Art & the Public Sphere



28/09 - 31/10/2017

The politics of friendship

group show at Kunstverein Leipzig



20 - 21/08/2017

Night Shift

Artist Rosalie Schweiker invites you to do a night shift.

Starting at 9pm on Sunday 20th August, we will spend the night at Rabbits Road Press, printing, making, reading (and maybe occasionally napping)

At 6am we have a strong coffee and show each other what we’ve made.

Free, book here



Möchtest Du meine Briefmarkensammlung sehen?

opening of Museum für Kommunikation in Bern featuring a new set of stamps documenting a project co-produced with San Keller

Design by Europa


14 - 16/07/2017

Teaching for people who prefer not to teach

new manual with old ideas edited together with Mirjam Bayerdoerfer, designed by Margherita Huntley, published by AND

get your copy at Miss Read or buy it here from £5


22 - 23/07/2017

How does this country work?

A weekend for people who want to get involved in UK politics, at Resort Studio Margate, as part of Soft Borders

On Saturday, journalist Hettie O'Brien and artist Rosalie Schweiker will lead a workshop on UK politics: the basics. Book your free ticket here

On Sunday morning, Keep It Complex is hosting one of their Digesting Politics brunches, book here

On Sunday afternoon you can join Sarah Jury and Rosalie Schweiker for a game of Prime Ministers Question Time, book here




UU Big Bra OO Exchange

I have lots of bras which no longer fit me or never fitted me properly. 

If you also find it difficult to find a comfortable bra, this evening is for you. I'll make some food and we can talk about bras, try on lots of different ones, swap bras and go bra-less.

part of Antiuniversity Now

Book free tickets here



Women's Audio Archive

at Whitechapel Gallery

Between 1985 and 1990, London based artist Marysia Lewandowska recorded over 200 hours of audio with artists and academics, ranging from private conversations to public events. The Women’s Audio Archive began life as a fictional institute, invented as a way of approaching key female figures in the arts, becoming a valuable reflection of their politics and ethics.

Revisiting the interview as a methodology, for this event, Lewandowska is in conversation with artist Rosalie Schweiker concerned with feminist art practices across generations.

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WORK 2016

You can now order the 2016 work annual. It's wipeable. 


Teaching for people who prefer not to teach

talk with Margherita Huntley

at Mayday Rooms, part of AltMFA futures programme

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20/05 - 21/07/2017

Production Show: Artists House

at Eastside Projects




triage 2017 seminar

lecture and panel debate with Lívia Páldi, Rosalie Schweiker and Per Johansson at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall




Newspaper Club

Read and debate newspapers with me at the New Material exhibition



Art is not a commodity

symposium at ICA with Dave Beech, Jason Bowman, Marsha Bradfield, Kim Charnley, Gail Day, Mel Evans, Ben Fitton, Julie McCalden, Andrea Phillips, Marina Vishmidt, Josefine Wikström and Mick Wilson

I wanted to present £180:3 = £60 with Kerri Jefferis and Sophie Chapman, but couldn't. Read the speech I gave instead here



Unite Against Dividers

arts activation weekend, organised with Keep It Complex - Make It Clear

Join us: www.makeitclear.eu


1/10 - 10/12/2016

Production Show

at Eastside Projects, curated by Gavin Wade and Ruth Claxton




Education - finding an alternative

Discussion with Sarah-Joy Ford (representing School of the Damned), Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau (The Bad Vibes Club) and Marie Toseland (Open School East) and Rosalie Schweiker (Chair). Part of Art Licks weekend, book here


until 24/06/2016

Britain Is Not An Island

a lo-fi, high-impact, artist-led campaign for a REMAIN vote in the EU referendum, organised together with Kathrin Böhm. Posters are a collaboration with Mia Frostner and Margherita Huntley

Find the campaign on instagram and facebook

You can download our posters & upload your own here: www.eu-uk.info 


10/06 - 10/07/2016

Tarot readings

at transactions, a Manifesta 11 Parallel event. Collaboration with Jo Waterhouse

Tarot readers: Mirjam Bayerdörfer, San Keller, Margit Säde, Manuela Schwarz, Lian Staehelin, Rosalie Schweiker, Désirée Wiesendanger, Cristina Witzig and others



25 - 27/ 03/ 2016
A conference about self care in an unequal art world
with: Alexandrina Hemsley, Chloe Cooper, Eva Rowson, Evan Ifekoya, Harun Morrison, Kathrin Böhm, Kerri Jefferis, Leonie Cronin, Lynne Friedli, Margherita Huntley, Open Barbers, Rosalie Schweiker, Sophie Chapman, Susannah Worth, Valeria Graziano


19/03 - 09/04/2016

Catherine Biocca, Cornelia Baltes, Rosalie Schweiker

curated by Louise Hobson, Mission Gallery, Swansea

Rosalie Schweiker buys a fridge magnet wherever she goes for work. At Mission Gallery, Rosalie presents the migrant worker's fridge magnet collection; displaying her collection for the first time in public, on a fridge stocked with local drinks. If you buy the artist a drink at the public preview, she'll tell you the story behind a magnet. After the opening weekend, the fridge will stay on and serve the exhibition as a bar. More



CND banner making workshop

Grand Union Birmingham

as part of Precarity Centre by They Are Here

with Margherita Huntley


30/1 - 10/4/2016


Turning the Bielefelder Kunstverein into a showroom for DD bras.

Curated by Juliane Schickedanz. With Jo Waterhouse, Jenny Moore, the bra research group & more. 



16 - 18/10/2015 and 14/11/2015

Future Libraries Festival

at Flitwick and Biggleswade library, with comedy by Simon Munnery, Flitwick Joke Book, language cafe, cocktail caravan, musical bingo, skate films, community competition and much more

Get the full schedule

Collaboration with Ania Bas, David Littler and Bedfordshire Libraries



Opportunity Makers, Opportunity Takers

at the Women's Art Library, organised by Kerri Jefferis and Sophie Chapman

See the presentation


6/11 - 19/12/2015


at EFA project space, NY

curated by Kari Cwynar and Kendra Sullivan

Collaboration with Rudy Loewe

More & Catalog


6/8 - 13/9/2015

Some ideas for a new art institution

at Spacex, Exeter

Artist Rosalie Schweiker will work with Spacex to imagine a future art institution. During the project, the artist will bring to life her manifesto Some ideas for a new art institution. This will include re-thinking the way the building is used. In line with her manifesto ‘form follows budget’ so spaces that previously operated as galleries will become living quarters, shared workspaces and places for debate. 




Tell me what you think about my work and I'll pay you £30 

Artist Rosalie Schweiker is inviting you to give her thirty minutes of mentoring on 23rd May 2015 at Toynbee studios, E1 6AB London. You'll be sent a portfolio and paid a £30 cash fee for your mentoring.

To book a session or for more information, please email Rosalie.Schweiker[at]gmail.com


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