The CIARA PHILLIPS Pizza November 2013


November 2013

The CIARA PHILLIPS Pizza November 2013


November 2013

The - Pizza

Every last Sunday of the month we make a pizza for somebody whose work we like. The pizza is named after our guest who also gets to choose the toppings.

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So far we have made pizzas for: EUROPA, Ella Perkins, Annie Davey, Paul O'Kane, Pil & Galia Kollektiv, secondeditions, Oreet Ashery, Dave Charlesworth, Serena Korda, Ross Bennett, Ciara Phillips, our mums, Sam Curtis, X Marks The Bökship, Jenny Moore, Cherry Smyth, Melissa Gordon, Open Barbers, Kathrin Böhm, Tamsin Clark, Momus, Josie Long, Abäke, Katrin Hjelde, Léonie Cronin, Louisa Bailey, Maria Guggenbichler, Sally O'Reilly, Alice Wroe, Lauren Godfrey, Communal Bathroom, Project O, Susannah Worth, Juliet Jacques, Althea Greenan, Georgia Twigg, WeareEurope, Ruth Beale, Pizza Migrazione and San Keller. 

Collaboration with Hannah Clayden and Mario D'Agostino, since January 2013

Tarot readings

Find out about your future, present and past with a TAROT READING

by Jo Waterhouse and Rosalie Schweiker

£10 Pounds per session or buy the deck here online.

*Complete confidentiality * 5 years of expertise * book us for events, performances, parties*

Contact Rosalie.Schweiker[at]

 Rosalie Schweiker gave private tarot readings in the gallery’s AV store room, embracing unorthodox knowledge for speculating on the future. Schweiker’s work is marked by a playful probing of social regulations, of personal encounters and frequently, a sense of confusion. Her custom-made tarot deck is no exception. Cards include a mermaid, odd socks, a lightning bolt, feminist heroine Mary Beard, and Fischli and Weiss’ daydreaming Rat and Bear characters. The intimate performance itself is disconcerting. The viewer always reveals too much. The cards, not to be taken too seriously, are props to begin conversations, says Schweiker.


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