We are showing our work

Soloshow with Maria Guggenbichler

Kunstverein Leipzig 13/12/2012 - 10/1/2013

Press Release & Publication


How do artists work?

A week of conversations and activities with

Maria Guggenbichler (Let's hope nobody comes)

Mariann Oppliger, Sophie Hofer, Maria Guggenbichler (Be smart, take part)

Florence Jung (Something different)

Stephan Janitzky (Bad works)

San Keller (Good works)



Become a better artist

with Rosalie Schweiker and San Keller

Free workshop for UAL students, all others 10 Pounds

Sign up for the workshop



How do artists work?

Introducing contemporary artists' thinking to secondary school students

Frances Bardsley Academy Romford, April 2013

Sex Shop

SEX SHOP is an artist-run distribution network for social products. 

Just like sex it brings together people from all walks of life.

Just like a shop it distributes useful goods.


20 Parade Mews London SE27 9AX

supported by a Space Station Sixty-Five studio bursary




»Only Bad Painting is Good Painting«



with Maria Guggenbichler, Kasper König,

Roland Mönig, Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein



We need a completely new way of living

workshop with Doris Stauffer

21/06 - 22/06/2013

Bibliothek Andreas Züst

Simone Koller



with Maria Guggenbichler

meet 5pm at Centre for Art & Parking

Neuer Saarbrücker Kunstverein

3pm - 5pm 

launch of Clever Men's Art

Clever Men's Art is a publication edited by Rosalie Schweiker & Maria Guggenbichler.

Clever Men’s Art is a response to the fact that the art world gladly incorporates feminism, immaterial labour, care work, unprofessionalism, anti-hierarchical structures, institutional critique and everyday aesthetics as long as they are authored by men.

Clever Men's Art is a joke about Clever Men's Art.


X Marks the Bökship
210 / Unit 3 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9NQ





A get-togethers for people who

produce, host, share, fund and display

art in their homes

Collaboration with Eva Rowson and Maria Guggenbichler

Over the last ten years we have facilitated art in a context that was immediately available to us: our homes. We’ve danced in tiny garages, declared our living rooms to be seminar rooms, turned strangers into friends over dinner, showed sculptures in our bedrooms, stapled publications in the corridor, walked people home late at night and spent many mornings sitting on the kitchen table writing emails.

We are starting a regular meeting group to research historical, contemporary and future examples of art with a small 'a'.

The meetings will take place in our homes in London and Amsterdam, starting on Sunday 22/06/2014 at 6pm. The London meeting will be hosted by Rosalie Schweiker and Eva Rowson at 17 Reading House, SE15 1RS (Nearest bus stop: Peckham Park Road, Rail: Peckham Rye). The Amsterdam meeting will be hosted by Maria Guggenbichler at Floriijn 39a, 1102 BA Amsterdam Zuidoost – same day, same hour.

All welcome, please bring a dish or a drink to share.

Facebook RSVP


Jo Waterhouse & Rosalie Schweiker will be running

Our Shop

a temporary shop in Nunhead, South London

Our Shop sells homeware, furniture, houseplants, tarot readings, cuddly fishes, tea & odd things

Our Shop subsidies contemporary art with an events and residency programme. Artists may also use our WiFi and desk spaces to do their admin work.

Find our current programme of activities and residencies on @ourshop

Opens 13/7/2014 

Opening hours: Wed - Sun 10am - 6pm

26 Nunhead Green, SE15 3QF Nunhead


Weiter So! Preis

We are pleased to announce that we have awarded ourselves the 

Keep Going! Prize 2013

Maria Guggenbichler & Rosalie Schweiker


Sleep With A Curator


as part of Flat Time House Summer School

For the fourth edition of Sleep with a curator Rosalie Schweiker and Maria Guggenbichler have invited members of the steering committee of artist run space OUTPOST, Norwich.

Sleep with a curator is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for horizontal networking. Previous events have been held at The Showroom, London and Kunsthalle, Zurich. This edition will focus on literal jokes and lateral thinking within feminist curatorial practices. 

Book here


Maria Guggenbichler & Rosalie Schweiker are inviting entries for the first DILEMMAS IN ART competition.

The aim of the competition is to make individual experiences of everyday dilemmas a common concern.

We would like to hear examples of structural, existential, tedious or irresolvable dilemmas which you encounter in your working life​ as an artist, curator, cultural producer or audience.

The submission with the most apt description of a complex and distressing dilemma will win a glittering cash prize of £300.

More information on how to enter the competition here


I paid for art that I could have seen for free

Rosalie Schweiker will encourage the audience at the free-entry .perf performance tour to pay a voluntary contribution. The money raised will be distributed amongst participating artists and organisers. Donors will receive a tote bag, designed by Kaisa Lassinaro.

1/11/2014, 16.30 - 19.15, Geneva (CH)



Bursary Artists in conversation

Join us for a talk and a drink with Artsadmin's current bursary artists as they each introduce ideas around their practice, as well as past and future projects at this mid-point of their bursary.

Chaired by the artist Oreet Ashery

7.30pm. Free, RSVP to mary@artsadmin.co.uk

Toynbee Studios

28 Commercial Street E1 6AB 



28/2, 6pm

Editorial meeting

HELLO magazine

HELLO is an art magazine.

Each issue is published live over a six month period.



Why do it at the Tate if you could do it in your living room

In: Angry Times #2 Shadow Work

Edited by Anna Dobrucki & Anja Lückenkemper, in cooperation with Anna Jehle

13 € order here: press@artists-unlimited.de


Explain your work with diagrams


practical workshop at Peckham Liberal Club

for Wimbledon College of Arts MA

Email if you'd like to join


Personal Criticism


Romy Rüegger and Rosalie Schweiker have compressed their private conversations into a newspaper.

We'll deliver this newspaper to you on the 23rd March, in and around Zürich - to order, call 076 327 20 07.

You can also pick up a newspaper at Le Foyer, Müllerstrasse 57, 6-8pm.


Artist Rosalie Schweiker is inviting you to give her thirty minutes of mentoring on 23rd May 2015 at Toynbee studios, E1 6AB London. You'll be sent a portfolio and paid a £30 cash fee for your mentoring.

To book a session or for more information, please email Rosalie.Schweiker[at]gmail.com


Join us at the water cooler

Rosalie Schweiker and Maria Guggenbichler are inviting you for a walk with a water cooler (on wheels) from Raven Row to the South London Gallery.

The watercooler walk is a contribution to the working week WE (Not I), organised by Melissa Gordon and Marina Vishmidt, at Raven Row, South London Gallery and Flat Time House, London, from 27 April to 2 May 2015. 

29 April 2015 from 5pm, meet outside Raven Row. All welcome.


WORK 2014

Every year I publish a book about a year's worth of my work

Email to order the 2014 issue for £10 +pp


Sleep With A Curator

#5 at Eastside Projects with Gavin Wade

as part of FIERCE Festival

08 - 09/10/2015

Free, but booking is essential 


6/8 - 13/9/2015 at Spacex, Exeter

Artist Rosalie Schweiker will work with Spacex to imagine a future art institution. 

During the project the artist will bring to life her manifesto Some ideas for a new art institution. This will include re-thinking the way the building is used. In line with her manifesto ‘form follows budget’ so spaces that previously operated as galleries will become living quarters, shared workspaces and places for debate.



the other brashop

a long-term project, trying to start a bra shop for DD+ plus sizes that thrives on cheap humour, not overpriced sexism.

Jo Waterhouse and I have printed the bra shop's wallpaper, which you can buy here

Bra-related events will happen sporadically, like Lorraine Smith's talk at London College of Fashion (more here). See below for upcoming events and activities.


Meeting of DD+ women at Kunstverein Bielefeld



Free Boob Movements class with yoga teacher Leonie Cronin at Artsadmin


Future Libraries Festival

16 - 18/10/2015 and 14/11/2015

at Flitwick and Biggleswade library, with comedy by Simon Munnery, Flitwick Joke Book, language cafe, cocktail caravan, musical bingo, skate films, community competition and much more

Get the full schedule

Collaboration with Ania Bas, David Littler and Bedfordshire Libraries


6/11 - 19/12/2015 at EFA project space, NY

curated by Kari Cwynar and Kendra Sullivan

Collaboration with Rudy Loewe

More & Catalog

opportunity takers - opportunity makers

21/11/2015 at the Women's Art Library

organised by Kerri Jefferis and Sophie Chapman

See the presentation


The Studio

supported by a Space Station Sixty-Five Bursary

A public space, meeting place, cafe, workshop, rubbish dump, office, living room, conversation, sauna.

All visitors get immortalised on the Visitors Tree. 

2012 - 2015

Celebrating 10 years of 

Maria Guggenbichler & Rosalie Schweiker

Look out for our 2016 anniversary mail! 


Outside Sunday #12

10/01/2016, Zürich

Rosalie Schweiker will choose this Sunday’s getaway destination. Mirjam Bayerdörfer invited her for the twelfth Outside Sunday.

On two Sundays a month, an invited person chooses a destination to visit together. It will not be published beforehand. The destinations will be reachable by foot and/or public transportation. A typical getaway takes between 2-4 hours.



A conference about self care in an unequal art world
25 - 27/ 03/ 2016
with ​with: Alexandrina Hemsley, Chloe Cooper, Eva Rowson, Evan Ifekoya, Harun Morrison, Kathrin Böhm, Kerri Jefferis, Leonie Cronin, Lynne Friedli, Margherita Huntley, Open Barbers, Rosalie Schweiker, Sophie Chapman, Susannah Worth, Valeria Graziano

Catherine Biocca, Cornelia Baltes, Rosalie Schweiker

curated by Louise Hobson

19/03 - 09/04/2016

Mission Gallery, Swansea

Rosalie Schweiker buys a fridge magnet wherever she goes for work. At Mission Gallery, Rosalie presents the migrant worker's fridge magnet collection; displaying her collection for the first time in public, on a fridge stocked with local drinks. If you buy the artist a drink at the public preview, she'll tell you the story behind a magnet. After the opening weekend, the fridge will stay on and serve the exhibition as a bar. 


tarot readings only 10CHF

at transactions, a Manifesta 11 Parallel event

coproduction with Jo Waterhouse

Tarot readers: Mirjam Bayerdörfer, San Keller, Margit Säde, Manuela Schwarz, Lian Staehelin, Rosalie Schweiker, Désirée Wiesendanger, Cristina Witzig and others


Banner making workshop

26/02/2016, Grand Union Birmingham

as part of Precarity Centre by They Are Here

with Margherita Huntley